Sunday, February 25, 2024

SEED- Sow Earnestly Expect Dynamically

Dear readers I’ am not going to have a botany lecture on germination of seed, but want to introduce You to the known facts of the seed.

● Seed is the one which is the leftover after having a delicious fruit.
● Seed will surely grow into sapling whatever the nature of ground you sow.
● Seed even after many years when it gets a soil it will give life again.
● One seed when it grows it gives many fruits.(Multiplication)
● Small seed will grow into a huge tree.(Magnification)

In other aspect we are having the fruits of trees planted as seeds by our parents and grandparents.
● Seed of freedom from Mahatma Gandhi and martyred freedom fighters.
● Seed of compassion from Mother Theresa and dedicated sisters.

In this pandemic situation of the suffering world we had a great opportunity of sowing our seed.

Your time, talent and treasure are the seeds which you have in your hand. If you sow them earnestly you can expect dynamic harvest in the life’s of the people who are depressed or devastated in this current pandemic.

We lost a great actor Mr. Sushanth Singh as he missed a few word seeds from his friends in his last hour.

Now in this horrific season of covid your time, talent and treasure seeds can bring a great change in the life’s of people around you.

So kindly sow your seeds don’t withhold them.

Lecturer, Jazan University, KSA.

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