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“An insight into your Finance: Know Your Money – Grow Your Money.”

The book on Finance (in 2 Volumes) by the well-known personality in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Kunju C. Nair, was published in February 2020.

The book in 2 Volumes is a general informative book on Finance, features various topics on Finance, with all practical aspects, rather than theoretical explanations, useful for the people of all walks of life, especially for students and working professionals. For the convenience of readers, the Book has been published in 2 Volumes.

In general, the Volume 1 of the book consisting of 28 chapters, covers significant topics like Finance, Money, Risk Factors, Frauds, Bankruptcy, Financial Plan-1, Bank Merger Plans, Demonetization, Financial Professionals, etc., and Volume 2 consisting of 27 chapters covering various significant topics like Financial Plan-2, Financial Analysis, Financial Ratios (divided into 8 groups), Banking, Business Professionals, etc.

As affirmed by him, this was his dream project and he has further plans for some other projects on Career, Education, etc., which will be very useful for the ambitious students, their proud parents and respected teachers along with people of all walks of life.

With the support and contributions of various Professionals and Experts, the book is inspired by Dr. Jayachandran (Advisor – Project Sector: Tatweer Education Holding & Technical Consultant : Prince Sultan Center for Special Education), Riyadh and the Preface is contributed by Mr. K. L. Gothwal, Senior AGM, Air India, New Delhi.

Due to the lock-down, the publication of the books was released via zoom meeting and handover the copies to eminent personalities, financial experts and students.

Contact :
Kunju C. Nair
Finance Professional,
Riyadh, KSA
[email protected]

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